Thursday, 4 September 2014

recount with a twist

I was playing on minecraft when I saw a enderman monster. I tried to kill the enderman with my bow and arrow but he was dodging my arrows quickly. I went up to the enderman and killed him with my diamond sword. He dropped a ender pearl and picked it up and threw the ender pearl in  the sky and it landed on my house.
I saw Hit the Target burning down my house. I asked him to fight on my boat and he accepted the challenge. We both had full diamond armor and we started fighting. I hit him and then he hit me back, we kept hitting each other with our swords. I knocked him off the boat because I had an enchantment on my sword that allowed me to send him flying away from me, he hit the ground and Hit the Target died. I did my victory dance.
Hit the Target was a thief he killed a two players called Stampy and Lee. Stampy and Lee came back to life because the doctors did something weird. When they came back we ate Stampy’s favourite food, CAKE!! It was Stampy’s birthday cake and it was delicious.