Friday, 29 May 2015

Emotive Terms

This is my  Emotive Terms. This is what i did my Reading

Monday, 25 May 2015


Diary of a soldier
re- craft
On a sunny day I went to the docks to go to the war. When I went on the ship I sat next to Shannon then we got to try out our exo suits after that the boat started, we were being attacked by enemies I went to go get my sniper rifle but I realized it was unloaded and they were invading us so Shannon found a rescue boat I jumped on with Shannon and 6 other soldiers there was some sniper ammo in the boat and a map to relocate the battle field I took the map. On the way there we found a frozen ship so we checked it for supplies and we found some soldiers we tried to talk but we didn’t know their language so they kidnapped me and Shannon left but the soldiers surprisingly new sign language so I told them everything that happened and they took me to the battlefield then i went back to my ship.

I got off the ship I was walking an enemy tried to snipe Shannon i jumped and the bullet hit my exo suit But then he asked me what I was doing here and I said “I found a way to communicate with the soldiers and I told them everything and they led me here”. Then me and Shannon ran behind a building and  exo boosted on top then I snipped all of them Shannon wanted to rocket launcher him but that would have gave away  our position so Shannon used his long range pistol that made it easier for me to snipe the enemies

Shannon’s leg got shot so I had to guide him to the medic so I blocked the bullets with my exo suit but one of the bullets got inside my exo suit and made my suit malfunction luckily shannon got to the medic safely but my exo suit broke shannon came back with a rocket launcher and exploded everything but then he ran out of rockets and got a teammate to give him an ak-rip but an earthquake started and the buildings got crushed to dust and we won the war because the earthquake smashed all the enemies and some allies .

More enemies came they surrounded us I was just thinking of what death would be like until a helicopter came and rescued us the enemies were shooting us from below and I got shot out of the helicopter I climbed a tree and I was camoflauge enough to hide I waited for them to leave and when they did leave I found a ship and made it home luckily the ship had instructions.

We have won the war I found Shannon at the shops buying some food for his family and I said hi to him he was in shock to see me because he thought I was dead

Sniper: A rifle that is a long range weapon most snipers can kill an enemy using one bullet
Exo suit: A light suit that allows you to jump high slide really fast and other things
Exo boost: One of the exo abilities allows you to jump in the air

Rocket launcher: A highly explosive weapon that fires rockets and can carry two rockets in its barrel

Ak-RIP: An automatic weapon that has long range and has a very fast fire rate it also does a lot of damage

Friday, 22 May 2015

Ms J Taylor's trip to africa

Ms J Taylor showed room 9 pictures of when she went to Africa.We saw pictures of elephants, leopards, crocodiles etc. She told us 2 lessons the first one was
don't wear gel on a safari because when she did and she was in the van a truck drove by and dust got in her gel and hair the second lesson was don't sit underneath a sausage tree because if a sausage falls on you it could kill you that's how heavy it is.

Propaganda poster

This is my reading we had to make are own poster. My poster is on slide 4

Friday, 8 May 2015

Trip to the Zoo

Zoo trip

On Thursday we went to the ZOO and the first animal we saw was the tigers they were funny and then we went to the Aussie walk about I saw kangaroo’s and a big bird that tried to eat Shannon’s booklet. Then we went in to the bird palace it was cool a bird almost got miss Kirkpatrick in the head.My favorite animal was the monkeys it looked like they where playing tag.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My name in the finger alphabet

This is me showing you how to spell  my name using the finger alphabet for sign language week.