Thursday, 20 October 2016

Flight DLO

This term we have been learning about how do the godwit birds fly. For Miss Anderson group. 

6 Sentence story and Narratives.

6 Sentence Story

L.I. Use 6 sentences to set up the structure of a narrative
Add verbs, adverbs and adjectives to a text to make it interesting for the reader

Introduce the character
He heard a crash
Describe the setting
He was having a race with someone and the guy crashed into him
Characters special talent

Problem the character has
His car is damaged
Feelings about the problem
Feels angry
Solution to the problem

One day there was a boy named Jack. Jack got his driver's license he was so happy. So then he saved up his money to get a new car it was a lamborghini he was the happy's man. So he took his new lamborghini for a drive test and saw a ferrari next to him so then he said let's have a race and he was like came then so they waited for the light to go green then then it went green they both took off they were going really fast down the road no one can get them because they were going so fast they were living fire trucks.

Then they went in the air they were too fast they both tryed to slow down but they couldn't they were going to fast then there car’s finally stops there were so happy they said that they were never ever have a race so they went home and sleep the next day Jack went back on the road he was just cruising then he saw the guy for yesterday. Jack was like are you the guy that i had a race and the
guy said yes i am the guy he was in his ferrari and Jack was in his lamborghini the other guy said do you want to race me but Jack said no.

Jack drove away then the cops was followed Jack. Jack said why are you arrested him because he was going to fast then he went to jail and they had a photo of him when he was racing THE END.

Today I finished of my Narratives for Writing we had to right a story and put in the words up top of what happened in my story.

Smart searching

For the people who didn't go they had to find someone who did go. The people who did go showed their partner the sites that we looked at.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Reading Challengs

Today we did Reading challenges we had to fill in the words that were blank. then Miss Anderson called out the answers and we had to see if we wrote the right answers we got most of the answers right.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Rhythm Interactive

Today we had Rhythm Interactive, there was a girl and boy named Lucy and Johnny. They thought us to play the drums and also today was a fun day. They also said that they go to other schools and go to other country.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Hydration - DLO

Today Ms Anderson group made are Water DLO we had to write about how water is good for us. Water is good for us because it help us learn it gives us energy to enjoy our self. If we did not drink water we would be angry we would be tired not enough energy to run and play.