Thursday, 15 September 2016

Duffy Day

Today PBS had Duffy assemble and the brother of Duffy came to our school he was telling us about how it is good to read and he told as this funny story when he when to the supermarket and he thought that library books were DVD disk and he whet to counter where this lady was and he ask where is the DVD and the here and the lady said that is not a DVD disk and is a book she said to him ans since then he has been reading books.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Rio Olympics

Language Features

Read Theory

Today we did Read Theory ever time we do Read Theory we have to read for 20 minutes to play Read Theory you have to read the text and answer the questions you get the question right you will get a create of money ever time you get a create of money you will level up.

Thursday, 1 September 2016



Today Ls2 had to pick a little person from Room 3 and Room 4 and we had to read to them. When I got my little person I got a book for him then he stared reading if he got stuck on a word, I helped him with the word
when he finish he had to go back to his class room.

Cross country train

Yesterday the whole school did Cross country traing and the instructor was Mr oglivie first he told us to get on the court and do are stretchers then he told the year 5 to go up to run first then he told the year 6 to go then year 7 then year 8 so then we stared runing then i did my fist lap but i was keeping my trying to get my past the same on the 3 lap i did i had a 20 second rest then i run again on my 4 lap i sprint the hole way there and then i finish THE END.