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This is how you can go to the next level using Trump


Title:The boy & the girl at the lake  
  • Setting
    • What can you see?
    • Time
    • Place
    • Weather
  • Characters
    • Names
    • Important details
  • Hook
    • Give a hint about the problem
See: Water
Time: Midday
Place: Lake
Weather: Sunny

Names:Ben, Josie
Skimming Rocks

Something sharp
In Ben’s foot.

Introduce the problem
  • Tell the topic/ time/ place/ person
Time: Afternoon
Place: Lake
Person: Ben, Josie
Topic: Skimming Rocks

Develop problem
  • Change the time/ place/ person/ topic
Time: Dawn
Place: Lake
Person: Ben,Josie
Topic: Glass up Ben’s foot
  • How did the character solve the problem?
Josie went to get parents
Ben was picked up and dropped off at medic.


Once on a funky midday at the lake Ben and Josie was skimming rocks over the lake.
There was something underneath his foot. He didn't look underneath his foot until it started to hurt, so he had to go to the medic we he got to the medic that squeeze the glass out of his foot and Ben stared burst in tears. Then Josie said to Ben it is all right my brother she said then Ben stopped crying. The medic put a banega round Ben’s foot then Ben Parents took Ben and Josie home. We Ben and Josie got home they went to bed. The next day Ben and Josie went back to the Lake because Ben and josie day left his phone so they
went back to the lake, Ben was about to get out of the car he put on his sandals on and went to where his dad left his phone. When he got there as soon as he grabbed the phone he saw a figure in the water so he ran as fast as he can and got to the car then he said he saw the loch ness monster and Ben’s Parents started laughing then Josie said did you really see the loch ness monster and Ben said yes so Ben and Josie walked to where Ben saw the loch ness monster when Ben and Josie got to where he saw the monster josie said where did you see the monster? Ben said the monster was in the water he said then josie said are you lying to me Ben no said Ben so Ben and josie walked back to the car when they got to the car there parents said we're going to get something to eat so they went to get something to eat when they were driving Ben and josie saw the monster that Ben said LOOK THE MONSTER AHHHHH then Bens mum and dad saw the monster and they said AHHHHHH. Ben said I think it is getting closer and josie said step on it dad so the dad was going as fast as he can then the monster took a swap and almost hit the car Ben said I’ll call the Police and the MONSTER ate them THE END

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